Wedding Campervan Hire With Personality

Looking for one-of-a-kind wedding campervan hire that expresses your personalities?

How about some unique accommodation for an outdoor celebration?

Love the idea of your honeymoon beginning the moment you drive away?

If you and your fiancé are adventurers, love nature or are non-conformists a quirky camper wedding could be just the thing for you.

Start married life as you mean to go on and hire a campervan to snuggle up in and make newlywed memories doing what you enjoy with no-one but each other. Whether you are looking for something just for your wedding night or to take you away for your honeymoon, there is going to be a campervan amongst our fleet that ticks all of your boxes. We are sure of it!

Why campervans?

Camper vans are easy, fun, cosy and romantic. Campers allow you to live out your spontaneous side and in a Quirky Camper van, comfort, luxury and style.

Campervans are incredibly flexible and can be used as pre-wedding and wedding accommodation, for your honeymoon, for getting ready, sleeping your family or just taking a quiet moment. In fact, your only limitation is your imagination and who’s to say you can’t have your bar or photo booth in a campervan?

Getting ready

If you’re having an outdoor woodland or festival style wedding, you might be thinking about where you will get ready. A campervan is the perfect solution, providing a place to hang your clothes, have your hair and makeup done, and if you choose, even have a shower! It gives you a sense of luxury and privacy, without having to leave the rest of your guests and go and stay in a hotel.

And why not invite your mum/bridesmaids/besties to join you for a toast and a chance to calm your pre-wedding jitters. Everyone will enjoy spreading out across the seats

If this is important to you we can happily recommend the campers that have the best layout for dressing/hair/make-up or have lots of sociable seating.


It goes without saying that this is deliciously cosy, romantic and comfortable accommodation for before, during and after your wedding. Maybe you need to be on site in advance to get everything set up or you’re planning to head straight off for your honeymoon. Either way, a campervan is brilliantly versatile and easily switches from wedding night accommodation to honeymoon suite.

Campervans also make great accommodation for guests, family, bands or people who are playing a special role in your wedding. And if you are booking multiple vans then it’s likely we’ll be able to offer you a discount.


If you’ve got your own kids they probably feature pretty high on your wedding plan logistics requirements! Thankfully kids love campervans 🙂

We understand that when you’ve got kids you just want things to be that bit easier. So whether you are looking for kids bunks or hanging cots, a TV or kitchen with oven, en-suite toilet or hot running water, one of our campervans will have just what you need! If you’ve got a little one who needs peace and quiet to feed, this can be the perfect place to do it away from the joyous hustle and bustle of the main event.

And if you’re worried about keeping them entertained, trust us, campervan tea parties can keep them busy for hours…

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements you need and would like our advice.


Sneaking away

Weddings are wonderful. But they are also intense! Should you want to get a moment of peace to regroup, say hi to your loved one or give some attention to your over-stimulated small person; having your own home on wheels within reaching distance can be the perfect solution. We think there is no shame in taking 5 on what is after all ‘your day’ to make sure you can enjoy every single moment.

After an amazing ceremony and time to greet everyone, Liza and Peter (pictured), headed back to Priscilla for 20 minutes to crack open the prosecco, reconnect with each other and make sure that the kids were all ok before heading back into the mele. “We loved every minute of our wedding, don’t get me wrong, but we really needed that time to be together just as a family, just for a few minutes, to make the whole experience feel so much calmer and more manageable.”


We think our one-of-a-kind campers make a pretty special backdrop for photos. And thankfully we have such a huge range of styles from the calm and rustic Priscilla pictured here to the wonderfully retro orange and green Minty. So whatever your personal taste and no matter what the style of your wedding, we’ll have just the campervan for you.


What do we offer?

We’re a relaxed bunch, so really the question is: what are you looking for? No one campervan is the same, they are all uniquely handcrafted with the highest of quality and unique features. Looking for a woodburner, a deluxe bed or a shower – we have the campervan for you! Take a look at what vans we have available We want to ensure your wedding day or honeymoon is just right so if you’ve got any questions at all just get in touch for a friendly chat.