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Brexit Schmexit – The Best of British Alternatives to an EU Holiday

Brexit is pretty topical right now.  You can’t turn on the TV or the radio without hearing an opinion or two on the matter. Irrespective of how you voted, leaving the EU is happening.  We think…!  But, whilst it’s pretty evident that no-one really knows what’s actually going to happen once it’s all completed, it does make for some pretty interesting discussions!  And a lot of those discussions are about the future of travel post-Brexit.

What if I told you that Brexit doesn’t really matter when it comes to choosing your next holiday destination?  Because you can actually get all the pleasure of a European holiday in a campervan right here in the UK!

Gloria’s gorgeous cab makes us want to hit that open road!

You can avoid the possibility of paying extortionate fees for data roaming charges.  No don’t need to worry about an International Driving Permit or whether getting a green card is sufficient insurance coverage.  Just pack up the van, set off into the glorious British sunset, and embark on an adventure that will see you take in all the sights of an epic European adventure, without ever crossing the channel!

Surfing holidays at home

If you’re a beach dude at heart, chances are you’ll like the idea of heading out the French Riviera.  And why wouldn’t you?  There are crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and plenty of surfing opportunities.  Or, we could be talking about our very own Cornwall or Devon!  If getting wet is your thing, then we suggest you swap France for Weymouth or Newquay.  The waters are just as blue and the waves are just as awesome.

Cornish beach viewed from a campervan
Just look at this incredible Cornish beach, viewed out of Bumblebee’s back window
Yes Gwenver, we agree!

Climbing in Dorset

I would be doing myself a disservice I wrote a blog without mentioning rock climbing!  One of my favourite climbing trips was to the marvellously hot Malta.  Which was also a marvellously long (in our unloving of flying opinions) flight! Instead of shelling out on flights, and risking being stuck on a plane seat in front of a small child whose new favourite thing to do is play “kicksie” with the back of your chair, may I recommend Portland as an excellent alternative?!  

Laura from the Heidi team heading up a classic Portland climb

Portland in Dorset has some of the most epic sport climbing in the UK and it’s so accessible.  The climbing is comparable in terms of the rock type and the scenery is simply stunning. Where else can you hang out on top of a rock at sunset, catching a glimpse of seals popping up at the bottom at high tide?  Dorset as a county has some of the most stunning coastline.  Indeed, now that the Azure Window has fallen into the sea, you can stage your own Khalisi / Drogo moment at the Durdle Door.  And I know just the van to do it all in, too! 

Little Tina – owned by surfers; made for the beach life!

But Skiing in the UK? Surely not…

When you think of skiing and snow-capped mountains, you likely think of The Alps.  Gorgeous, yes, but why not turn your attention north to Scotland instead?  Scotland is the most fabulous beast in Winter and it’s kind of a campervan bucket list adventure.  From Glen Coe to the Cairngorms, in my opinion Scotland rivals Chamonix any day!     

Alps, schmalps! Wanda on a Scottish adventure!

All this talk of adventure activities might have made you want to relax, chill out and take things easy. What better way to do this than with a glass of wine in hand, right?  Well, forget about Bordeaux – head to Norfolk instead!  There are over 8 vineyards in Norfolk, where apparently the high UK average sunshine hours of Norfolk together with the lowest rainfall in England ensures good ripening of the grapes.  A lot of these vineyards are open to the public, offer wine tasting tours and to top it off are dog friendly!  Wine GB is a great resource to source a vineyard on your journey.  I genuinely don’t know what more you could want from a long weekend break, apart from the perfectly cosy campervan to nurse your potentially inevitable hangover in!

Or, take it easy in Asha with more wine please!

Ahh but Italy, you can’t recreat that. Can you?

You can take life easy on the Italian coast in places like Capri and the Amalfi Coast.  Portofino is a super popular place to visit – it has wine, cute coloured houses and winding streets full of inviting places to eat the freshly caught fish.  Have you seen Portmeirion?! This stunning Italian style village is located on the North Wales coast; go here and your Instagram feed is sorted!

So, whatever Brexit throws at us, choosing our holiday destination needn’t be a worry. The beauty of life in a campervan is that you can easily access all the marvellous places that the UK has to offer. You can have yourself an EU style road trip, and wait until it all blows over before venturing overseas again!

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