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The legend that is Agnes

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Agnes belongs to Polly, Moss (co-owner, carpenter and the one responsible for Agnes’ beautiful conversion) and their three children: Lila (6), Honeymalou (4) and Marnie (2). She’s permanently stationed outside their house in St Agnes, Cornwall, which mean there’s ample parking for those booking out Agnes to keep your vehicle whilst on your break. We had a chat with Polly whilst she was playing with her littlest, Marnie, about their DIY campervan conversion Agnes, why she’s so great and her view on the perfect holiday.Agnes's owner Polly talks to us about their DIY campervan conversion story

So, Polly, tell us a bit about Agnes

Agnes is a Citreon Relay which means she is BIG. Not big enough so that it feels like you are driving a boat but big enough to enjoy the benefits that a van of this size brings – being able to stand up inside whilst cooking and generally pottering about. I’d say Agnes is primarily a family van; she’s got bunk beds for three kids, and space for everyone to relax of an evening and not be on top of each other. However Agnes is very versatile for all groups of people – if you are a couple wanting to rent her she can also be the perfect companion as the bunks can be taken out to create more space!

Why did you decide to convert Agnes?

For Marnie’s first birthday last year we were looking for a different kind of van; we had been camping as a family before but never campervanning. A quick search of “Quirky, alternative holidays” and “different vans” quickly led us to Quirky Campers! As a family of five we had found in the past that finding holidays to cater for everyone could be hard. So when we found Quirky Campers and their other van in Cornwall, Constance, we were so excited. We had a fantastic holiday together in Constance, so much so that the following winter we had bought a van and the conversion by Moss was underway!

What is Agnes’ best feature?

Definitely the space. You have so much space to do things, even with a family of five, there is space for everyone to do what they want to do without clambering over each other. The table can fit 6 people sitting comfortably around it, so when friends come to visit or you meet people on your travels, there’s always a space to invite people in and experience Agnes’ cosy interior.   

Agnes’ detail is her other best feature. Moss has really thought of those who will be experiencing her and what they might need. There are individual reading lights in the bunks so that the children can have their own time. With a beautiful handmade piece of upholstery hanging from the backdoor with pockets so they can store their books. Others have used this as a place to store vegetables – Agnes’ versatility strikes again!     

Why “Agnes”?

Oh, it was easy naming her Agnes!

There’s an old Cornish legend about a young, beautiful woman called Agnes who saved our home from the Bolster who used to throw boulders onto the village from the beacon. After her cunning, strength and bravery at tricking the Giant Bolster the village was named after her. Now every year the play is acted out with a bonfire up on the beacon. And we think our Quirky Camper is our own little legend.

Not only have we grown up in St Agnes, Cornwall but we have always loved the Isles of Scilly, of which St Agnes is one of the five major islands. And where Lila and Honeymalou celebrated their first birthdays. We also lived at one time on St Agnes! Agnes’ first ever customer who hired her also had a child called Agnes! We love the name, it has a cosy feel which nicely describes our homely van. 

Everyone has their own idea about what makes the perfect holiday. What’s yours?

Holidays for us are about turning everything off. Your phone, laptop, everything, off. Between working and school the time you get together as a family is precious. They’re about adventure, being together and talking. Eating yummy food and playing games around the table. Making memories! And for us, and all the other families, couples and groups that get to holiday in Agnes, she enables that.

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