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Ever dreamt of owning your own camper van conversion but don’t have the time/skills?

Since the beginning people have been asking us to help them create their own beautifully handcrafted camper van conversions. So we have teamed up with a hand picked selection of the very best campervan converters around the country and we will match you up with the ones that best suit your dream. All you need is some cash, some time and an imagination!

Commissioning a conversion through Quirky Campers will guarantee you a contract with us once your conversion is completed

Van conversions through Quirky Campers will mean that we will know your van will be beautiful and will have all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. And that’s what we like – road-safe and beautifully created. So when you convert through us, we’d be happy to have our new pride and joy listed on our website as a Quirky Camper.

What happens next?

Please provide us with some info and we will aim to find a converter that best suits your needs.

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