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“Our customers have all been really lovely”  Mark & Nancy, owners of Esmerelda

“It has been an easy and effortless way of topping up our income”  Jamie & Rocio, owners of Maya

“The process is very simple and automated, so other than greeting customers and showing them how everything works, it requires very little input from me”  Joe, owner of Hector


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What we’re looking for

We select the very best beautiful handmade campervans from around the country to share with our customers on Quirky Campers. Each one of the unique creations has been lovingly designed and crafted for style and functionality.

To be a Quirky Camper, your vehicle’s interior needs to be high quality and have a distinct design or theme running throughout – that could be “sleek modern”, “artisan woodwork”, “1950s American diner”, “rustic vintage”, “flowers and leaves” … be as creative as you like!

It also needs to meet the DVLA’s criteria to be registered as a motorhome (download DVLA checklist by clicking here) . You can see pictures of our current vans for inspiration in our gallery.

What some of our current owners have said

“Since beginning to rent out Maya through Quirky we haven’t looked back. It has been an easy and effortless way of topping up our income. In the first year we covered all the costs of the conversion.” Jamie and family rent out their campervan and enjoy her for family trips.

“David and Lindsay have been very helpful along the way with advice on photos and how to handle the handovers and always at the end of the phone if any issues arise.

We would recommend Quirky Campers to anyone that has a unique campervan that doesn’t get used as much as it should and wants to make it pay for itself.”

What to do if you’re interested…

If you think your camper’s got what it takes or would like to know more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk it through and answer any questions.

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