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How to Maximise your Annual Leave & Turn 15 Days’ Holiday into 35 in 2020!

Living the Summer holiday dream in Rosie!

Compared to a lot of countries around the world, workers in the UK get a lot more holiday than most.  In fact, we average 25 days annual leave each year.  5 full weeks of leave is awesome, but wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you could plan strategically and turn 15 of those holiday days into a pretty cool 35 days off?!

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you plan this out, and get your holiday request forms in early!

Bank Holidays

OK, so it seems pretty obvious, but one super simple way to sneak an extra-long, long weekend is to bank 4 of your 25 days to get a 9-day break from the office.  In 2020 you have Early May, Spring or August bank holidays to pick from to pull this simple trick. 

Days to Book Off

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday AFTER the bank holiday weekend.  Or before, if you’re going with the Early May one.

With 9 days free to explore – this sounds like the perfect opportunity for a Scottish road trip to us!

Emma out on her Scottish road trip last year!

Easter Weekend

Once the January sales have been blasted, we usually start to look forward to our first bit of sunshine and start planning holidays.  If you take the 4 days off that follow Easter Monday, you can end up with a 10-day break from just another 4 days holiday spend!

Days to Book Off

April 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Personally, we like the sound of hitting the beach, to soak up the sun after a good few months of winter!

Yes, Karven, we’re there!

Christmas is Coming!

Before you know it, Christmas 2020 will be upon us!  It’s here that you might want to consider using up a chunk of 7 days annual leave.  Which, if you think about it, is only really like 5 days, because you’ve already stolen a couple back from those epic bank holiday and Easter cheeky 4-day holiday spend you did earlier in the year!

Cosy Christmas by a wood-burner? Yes, please!

This year, Christmas Day falls on a Friday, which means Boxing Day is counted the following Monday.  So, if you quite like the idea of two weeks and three weekends off work – a whopping grand total of 16 days – this is how to do it:

Book four days off before Christmas Day, and three days off the next week.  With New Year’s Day being a Friday, you can shut down your laptop on the 20th, and not open it again until January 4, 2021!!!!

Booked your annual leave already? Now’s the time to look for a campervan for your holiday.