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Detailed Information
Vehicle Description

Diesel 2299 litre 32mpg engine. Has done 3 seasons with Quirky campers and has been much enjoyed by all who took him away. Please see my 5 star rating on the google pin reviews.

MacIntyre was built, as his name suggests, in the heart of Scotland, converted from a tyre delivery van. His builders, James and Anita, make their living turning reclaimed whisky barrels into beautiful handmade objects and have used a lot of these skills and barrels in this conversion.

He comes with a landlords gas safe certificate, proof he is the correct weight and is registered as a campervan. He needs no electrical safety certificate as he runs on a 12v system.

I have made adjustments since buying him to make it as easy as possible for customers to use, so it is as easy as possible for the owner to rent. I upgraded to a large sink so they can easily fit the pans in to wash. Added another gas safe cupboard so they never run out. Added a gas heater and swapped the gas hobs so they are safer and can pass the gas safety certificate. Added roof bars with a solar panel that charges a powerful lithium leisure battery so they never run the battery down, and surfboards etc can be held on the roof. This allowed one couple to take him around Europe for 3 months last year.
I put magnets on all the cupboards so they stay open for ease of use and made shelves which can be added to the tall cupboard or taken out depending on preference. Into the tall cupboard I also ran a power cable, so a cool box can be run. I found this less hassle than a 3 way fridge as they can be temperamental and it can be easily removed for cleaning quickly in between handovers.

He has a king-sized bed with storage underneath and two very comfortable leather seats in the front. The rear 2 seats with removable table is ideal for eating on with the back door open or closed if in bad weather. This also means the bed can remain down and you still have space to eat and prepare food.

Only ever had 1 breakdown, which was in the first year where the gearbox broke so I had it replaced with one I hope to last the rest of its life. I am selling this van and Amelia due to starting a new job which will involve me being on tour in the summer. I have had repeated issue trying to pin down why the injection fault warning light comes on sometimes (30% of the times you drive and it goes away if you turn the engine off and on again). It does not appear to effect driving at all and has been like that for over a year so all my customers last summer had no issues (10 in total including one for 3 months). I have been assured it is not the injectors but possibly a sensor fault after 4 investigations. Please feel free to ask me questions and I will try to answer them by email or phone.

Conversion Description
From Quirky Campers

MacIntyre has been very popular over the years while listed for hire with Quirky Campers. We hope her new owner will continue to hire through us. To find out more about renting out your campervan please see this page

Quirky approved and ready to list Previously listed on Quirky Created by an approved Quirky Converter Has Rental Potential
Make and Model

Vauxhall Mavano

Current Mileage
Transmission Type
Vehicle length
Vehicle height
Vehicle Width

6’3″ x 4’4″ (190cm x 132cm) which slides into sofa

Belted Seats
Maximum Weight (MAM or MTPLM)
Unladen Weight Verified?
YES - the vehicle has been weighed since completion
Unladen Weight
Gas sign-off supplied
Landlords Gas Safe Certificate