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Elwa - Lovingly Converted Family Camper - Offers Welcomed

Detailed Information
Vehicle Description

Mechanically the van is a 2010 Short Wheel Base Ford Transit with a Medium Roof. It has an MOT until March 2020, and runs beautifully. We have the documents for the MOT certificate, a full service which we had in August, along with a few minor bits of work we did on it this year (Brake Pads, and 4 new Continental Tyres in particular). Unfortunately when we bought the van it didn’t come with the service book, so we don’t have the service history prior to 2018, however, it is clear the van has been looked after mechanically, and certainly has given us no worries at all. Prior to its life as a Camper Van, the van was used by a Locksmith, so comes with some cosmetic battle scars and bumps and scrapes here and there.

The van runs really well, and our reasoning for getting a Ford Transit was their reliability. With a little one this is not something we would say lightly either, it’s been really important to us that we know we can rely on it, and we can do just that.

MOT ‘til March 2020
Full service done in August 2019

Conversion Description

The time has come to part ways with our beloved Elwa.

We lovingly, and thoughtfully converted this van ourselves, and whilst we only claim to be keen DIYers, this is a project which we took very seriously, and was certainly a sincere labour of love!! In short, we’re really proud of this van, and whilst it’s quite hard selling it, we’re really excited for it to have a new home, but we’re more than happy to talk through how we did each part, where stuff is, etc… Also please know that we didn’t skimp on any part of the conversion, and used good quality materials parts, etc.

Fitted with a dual charging leisure battery, Electric hookup, full sized kitchen worktop, sink, bed, cot (or extra seating), fridge, induction hob, and loads of really useful storage space.

As a family of 3 we felt this van had plenty of space. We designed it with a few things in mind, firstly that we could store everything we needed and get to it easy (without having to get past other stuff first!) we also wanted everything to be accessible whether the bed was down or not, hence dual access to the under seat storage. It was also really important to us that we could have full access to the kitchen when the bed was up, making mornings really easy so we weren’t rushing to put the bed down. (which would not be something we want to do with a little one!) we also designed the space so that it would fit an ikea high chair next to the dining table. It would then fit nicely under the seats for storage.

The electric hookup and electrics have been fully certified by an electrician, see the sticker in the photos.

The leisure battery powers the 12v power supply, which will power the lights, 2 usb sockets, a cigarette lighter (more USBs can run from that), the fridge and the water pump for the taps. The battery charges automatically when driving from the car battery via the installed split charge relay, and also when plugged in at a campsite, the trickle charger will keep the leisure battery topped up automatically.

The Electric hookup will then power the 3 double 240v sockets (and 4 USB sockets installed in various places in the vans) (6 plugs total). When plugged in the fridge also runs from this supply, so is not running from the leisure battery.

The full size kitchen was a very intentional choice, we didn’t want to be struggling on work surface. The sink fitted is a Dometic SMEV VA8005.

Ikea cupboard doors and leather handles were used for the door handle, mostly because they look great, but also so they can be very easily replaced if you fancied a face lift. Whilst we built the cabinet out of lighter wood than an ikea cabinet uses, the standard IKEA accessories/Shelving options, etc, would fit in here. The cabinets are fitted with magnetic catches and bungee cords inside so nothing moves around when driving, as well as Ikea soft closing drawers for a little added luxury!

The floor space is also fantastic, when the bed is up we had a portable toilet, heater, and still space to stand at the kitchen counter. (P.S the toilet also fits nicely under the seats for storage if you choose to have one… we used a Go Outdoors one, but there were a few which would fit under)

The van comes with a Portable Induction hob to cook, which slides in the top shelf perfectly when not in use (there is space to keep a 2nd in here too). We didn’t like the idea of gas in a van, hence the induction hob, and again, wanted to save on work surface space, hence the portable hob. We really enjoyed being able to take this outside to cook on hot days too.

After stripping the van back to its bare bones, we fitted sound-deadening ‘do-do Mat’ to ensure it didn’t become a rattle machine when driven, and it works! We then fitted 2 layers of insulation. Cables were all well hidden, for the 240v system we used blue 3 core marine cable to provide longevity.

I have also fitted the van with high security ‘Hykee’ locks, replacing the Transit’s notoriously poor factory locks which are well known as being easy to break into.


Leisure Battery (fitted under bonnet) and 12v power supply
Split charge Relay kit to charge leisure battery from van battery
Fully tested and certified electrics
NOCO Genius G7200UK 12V/24V 7, 2A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer
10m cable to plug into Campsite (inc adaptor to plug in at home)
12v LED Lighting (Ceiling, under Kitchen Cabinet & in the overhead cupboard above the drivers cab)
240v Power inlet for use at Campsites
6 240v sockets in 3 locations (and 4 USB plugs on the 240v system.
Fridge (runs off either the 12v supply or 240v – Switchable on the main switchboard)
Switch to completely turn off 12v supply
Dometic SMEV VA8005 Sink
12v Microswitch Tap
10l Fresh Water Container
10l Waste Water Container
Full size Kitchen Worktop (1200mm x 600mm)
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Magnetic catches & Bungee cords on all Kitchen cupboards
Dining table (storable)
2 foldable camping chairs
Soft closing drawers in the kitchen area
Towel Rail
Coat Hooks (x4)
1x Portable induction hob
Full set of induction pots and pans
Tinted Rear door Windows
Tinted, opening side windows
Thermal Blackout Curtains (Grey x3, Yellow Bird patterns x3)
4 plastic Bowls
4 Plastic glasses
4 Plastic plates
Cutlery and utensils
Plenty of storage space
Insulated throughout
Sound deadening (Dodo Mat) used throughout.
Door areas carpeted for extra warmth & comfort
Base cushions for seats and bed (Made with 2.5 inch foam)
Baby Cot & Mattress (Mattress made from cot safe foam) – (Cot could easily be turned into extra seating or removed if necessary)
Fitted with secure Hykee Lock on the drivers door.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst there is no gas sign off for the van, this is because there is no gas hobs used. This is personal preference, but from a safety perspective, we much preferred the idea of being ‘gas free’, hence the induction hob, etc.

Ready to Hire Out
Landlords Gas Safe Certificate
Guaranteed Appropriate Payload
240v Electrical Sign off
DVLA Motor Caravan Registration
Make and Model

Ford Transit

Current Mileage
Contact Information
Transmission Type
Vehicle length
Vehicle height

When the beds are made up you can comfortably sleep 2 adults and 1 child/toddler. The cot stays up permanently (though could quite easily be changed for extra seating if not needed)

Bed 1.20m x 1.77m
Cot 0.5m x 1.18m

Belted Seats
Maximum Weight (MAM or MTPLM)
Unladen Weight Verified?
NO - the vehicle has not been weighed since completion
Unladen Weight
Gas sign-off supplied