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Cady - 2013 VW T5.1 LWB Custom Built Cabin Camper On Wheels - Minimalist and Very Functional - Lot's of Hidden Technology!

Detailed Information
Vehicle Description

Price reduced to reflect winter and xmas period.

– Van: 2013 VW Transporter Long Wheel Base.
Fresh MOT added January 2020.
– Engine: 2.0 tdi with ECO remap making the van more economical and more powerful. Currently 140bhp upgraded from 102.
– MPG: Will do 620 miles on a run.
– Fuel: Takes Diesel, tank is always filled just past half way, and once a month I fill with premium diesel to keep healthy engine.
– Van was previously a company lease vehicle, so was serviced every 3 months and I have print out of this. It runs extremely well and have never broke down once. The previous use was on motorway miles mostly and this is evident from the great drive experience.
– Gears – 5 gears, gears are lovely, gear stick is firm and smooth. I am a very careful driver and always make sure to be careful with clutch.

– Before I went away to Spain, I fitted the following as a matter of safety and reassurance. New clutch and flywheel Jan 2019. New Starer motor and water pump January 2019. New timing belt January 2019. Two new front tyres January 2019. As well as this a tension pulley which keeps the AUX/SERPENTINE belt nice and tight! All this was a total cost of £1900.

– Due for MOT Feb 2020. Will pass with ease.

– Two dents on rear doors. I will upload WETRANSFER link with extra pictures, I was quoted £150 to get both out from a paintless dent removal company.
I oil change every 6 months using MOBIL 1 oil.
– Van is rated for 3.5t, and currently as it is weighs 2.4t, a very nimble van with over a ton to play with, not that you would want to do that!

Conversion Description

This is Cady, a 2013 VW T5.1 Long wheel base custom campervan Like no other VW T5.1 on the road.
Fresh MOT added January 2020.
The conversion was completed in January 2019 (11 months ago) and has been kept in near new condition. As I am a clean freak!
The inspiration for this unique build was Scandinavian and Japanese zen vibes.
No smoking, no pets and no meat foods cooked in the van (I don’t eat meat).

Where to start? (a full build folder with pictures will be supplied with the van or offered before hand if you would like to see the level of craft gone into this)
Everything was bought BRAND NEW for this build. Using the highest quality materials were possible.

I wanted to keep the van living space as large as possible, as you can see this in the pictures, so opted to stick as much under the van as possible to keep things roomy. All the technology is very cleverly hidden away behind cupboards or under the van. Read below.

The van has been professionally fitted out and ticks all the boxes. It is ready to travel in, live in and generally adventure in! I have left everything in that has ben in since the build completed 11 months ago.


Sound deadening: on panels using 3mm thick dense DODO mat. Sound deadening on all side panels, ceiling, floor and doors.
Insulation: Kingspan, cellotex and recycled plastic insulation with mix of wool all from top suppliers. Foil bubble used on rear of plywood (no vapour barrier as this is provne to be a bad idea).
Window: Tinted sliding window from CAMPERGLASS.
Floor: 12mm batons, 12mm celotex foil back insulation foil sealed between batons and 12mm ply as main floor with very nice wood effect vinyl floor.
Walls: Strong and light tongue and groove on walls and ceiling. Nothing is varnished, apart from the wood near the sink. The kitchen and bed frames and faces are lightly oiled using osmo oil. Osmo is one of the best to use as it is food safe, brings out a very high quality finish and does not yellow or go orange!
Lights: 4 low power LEDS in ceiling, option of 3 LEDs on wall opposite bed with wires ready, I have left these 3 untouched so new owner can decide what to do and how to use them.
Fans: 2 extraction fans that suck air out, very quiet, very low power and very effective. They have mushrooms on top with thin bug mesh to prevent things getting in.
Kickplates: Metal kicker plates on all doors and entry to van.
Partition wall: A divider wall with insulation board and bubble foil between the ply sheets from front cab to rear living space installed. Behind the driver seat the water boiler is mounted as is the thermostat for the heater. I left the section behind the top of the passenger seats open to let light in on sunny days, this can be sealed up with light blocking fabric which is installed.

GADGETS and other features.

Batteries: LEOCH ADVENTURER 360ah AGM batteries only 11 months old. They have hardly been used because I do not have an inverter, fridge, tv etc so draw very little power. And have a large 400w solar panel feeding them so as you can imagine very little power consumption. Batteries have never gone below 75%. AGM are advised that they can go to 20% and still be ok, these have never touched less than 75%.
INLINE FUSES where they need to be throughout the electrical system. Large kill switch and fuse bank.
Solar Charge Controller: RING DC30 – this unit transfers solar energy into the large battery bank. And as well as this also charges the batteries when the van is driving! Win Win! I
Hot Water: COINTRA instant hot water boiler which is flued through the roof, this can pump 5 litres of hot water a minute. or warm depending on dial placement. I always have the fans on, and doors open when I use it, and have 2 CO alarms, one under the boiler and one under the gas hob. Between the flue vent and solar panel is thick heat fabric, this absorbs all the heat from the flue
12v sockets and USB to keep things powered up. I have charged my MACBOOK and DSLR cameras no issues during trips.
400w solar panel, it also can tilt to 45 degrees on hinges, though I have never had to do this once, still nice to have incase you want to access the roof area.
RHINO roof rack to hold the panel and decking. This is a serious piece of kit and looks fab!
Wood decking area at the back of the van roof, great for the sunsets and sangria!
2 low power fans with mushroom vents.
3 way gas manifold from Tinley Tech – I always turn these off when not in use.
Shurflow electric water pump and diaphragm for smooth constant water.
SHOWER! This is a 3 meter shower hose with kill witch tap that is linked to the hot water mains.
Custom made vintage switch rack, really nice touch amongst all the wood.
2 gas hob and large sink all neatly hidden away with folding lids.
Fold out breakfast table from side door. Really nice in the summer!
Secret lock stash box which I need a design / engineer award for!
Sofa has 3 modes: Bed mode, Netflix mode and work mode (see pics).
Feature tile wall with real Mexican made pottery / porcelain glazed tiles.
£65 ceramic folding tap, very high quality as I did not want water messing up all the hard work!
Storage: Lots of it. Under the bed, over the wheel arch and in the cupboards behind the partition wall, plus scope to add more.
Custom built table (folded above wheel arch). This table can fold out into a working desk or a table to eat from inside or outside, you can use the wheel arch bench to sit on also. Has a smaller set of legs so you can make the table 1ft high to put on the roof decking (meals for 2 on the roof with candles).
Completely light proof, at night time the van has BLACKOUT fabric so you can be anywhere undetected.
It is very warm and toasty when the Propex heater is on and retains the heat even if you turn the heater off, and also in the direct heat/sun, the van is excellent at bouncing heat away, not only with the foil backed insulation boards behind the walls but also because there is an air gap between the van roof and solar panel and wood decking. So naturally the moving air carries a lot of the heat convection away. Double win!

Propex HS2000 underslung gas heater bought new, this is an amazing piece of kit and so economical, runs on thermostat so it comes on and off in the night to keep temps perfect. Can also blow cooler air in if required. The heater is an underslung kit from Propex, basically weather sealed by them in the factory, it is also protected by plastic spray trays.
16 litres of gas which powers the heater, water boiler and 2 gas hob. This was bought from TINLEY TECH along with all the fittings and pipes. They are great guys with good after care! Gas is filled from the rear under the bumper, all hidden away. 16l will last 8 weeks in summer, as no heat, and if you have the heater on thermostat every night it will last 2 weeks roughly.
60 litres fresh water tank all nicely hidden away. Filled from the rear under the bumper. This is enough to last 2 people showering, drinking, cleaning etc for 7 days or much much longer if you are one person and shower less.

Made and installed by a professional carpenter in the UK using strong structural wood and lined in tongue and groove to bring the van together.

As you can see this van packs quite a punch. I opted for a van like this as my thinking was I would be spending so much time out of the van exploring that I did not need a huge van. However you will be surprised at how roomy it is inside. You can still stand up, just have to dip your head a little 🙂 You can get 4 people chilling inside or 2 people sleeping very comfortably.

I could probably go on and on about this van as it is such a unique creation. There is so much room to add your own mark too. For instance, the wires out of the wall (don’t worry not fused up) I was originally going to put a thin sliding cupboard along the wall with 3 LED downlights below the cupboard, but never got around to it, you could have a book case here wth same downlights or mount a TV screen etc. A fridge would be easily installed under the bottom cupboard near side door, I just didn’t want one as I did not need to chill food etc as everything was bought as and when needed, there is more than enough power for a 12v 50l fridge. Also plenty of roof for book cases above bed/sofa.

The van is ready to go anywhere, and has everything you need to live, travel and explore comfortably.
Reason for selling is I am now going to have a bit of time back in the UK and I don’t want to be using a van as a daily driver, be a shame to put miles on this van just for getting around from day to day. However it would still be a great daily van due to its size and drive chain being really good all rounder on small roads and motorways (the most popular van on any road)
It drives nicely, pulls well with the eco-remap, sits at 2400rpm doing 70mph and will get up to 100mph and more (should you ever need to) very easily. At 620miles (mix of motorway and smaller roads) on on one full tank I was more than happy!

Any questions please ask, email or call.
Van is currently based around the North West of England (I am between warrington, manchester, huddersfield, leeds etc as I travel up and down for work).

There are 3 dents… one on each rear door and one very small one on bonnet. I was quoted £150 by a paintless dent remover person to sort all 3 (popping them out etc). I will get pictures up in the below we transfer link asap. (limited to 20 pics on this website). Small dent in front plastic bumper also. These are just cosmetic and have no effect on the van.

Here is a folder with more pictures of the van and the van out in nature.

You are welcome to come view the van and we can test drive it etc.

Fresh MOT added January 2020.
As always, she is ready for her next adventure!

Ready to Hire Out
Landlords Gas Safe Certificate
Guaranteed Appropriate Payload
240v Electrical Sign off
DVLA Motor Caravan Registration
From Quirky Campers
Has Rental Potential
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Vehicle length
Vehicle Width

The main bed can be made into a single or double. Please see pictures.
The bed was made by a professional carpenter and you will see this close up. It is very strong and works beautifully.
Under the bed is ample storage divided into 2 sections. I usually put clothes in one section and books, bags and other things in the other.

Belted Seats
Maximum Weight (MAM or MTPLM)
Unladen Weight Verified?
YES - the vehicle has been weighed since completion
Gas sign-off supplied