About Quirky Campers


Quirky Campers offers handcrafted campervan rentals across the UK. We’re act as the agent for a group friendly and likeminded campervan owners, each with a unique and beautiful vehicle we want to share with our growing community of happy campers. The only question is, which one will you pick and where will it take you?

From Stafford to Cornwall, West Wales to Norfolk, our handcrafted campervans have been on over 500 adventures with their temporary masters. We’ve had everything from a couple of newlyweds looking for the perfect love bus to take them on a three week honeymoon to Slovenia through to an 80 year old vet wanting a comfortable ride to a farm show.

We require all those listing with us to maintained a high standards of craftsmanship, cleanliness and sheer delightfulness. Think carved wooden cabinets, log burners, inviting double beds, cots for kids and fully kitted out mini kitchens. So whether you’re planning a no screens family adventure, some distraction-free couple time or a bit of luxurious festival madness, we’ve got it covered. All that’s left for you to worry about is who’s navigating.

Which we admit, can be a serious worry.

Oh and by the way, you won’t find a collection of campervan rentals like ours anywhere else in the UK. We don’t believe in offering average adventures.


Quirky Campers is a family business run by husband and wife team David and Lindsay. They set it up in 2010 as a means to rent their own gorgeous campervan, Bella, while they volunteered in Kenya for six months. Running the rentals from Africa, they were amazed at how much interest the lovely Bella got.

On their return they slowly started to build the business alongside self-building their own family home in Bristol. So whenever you’ve called Quirky Campers and David has said he “wasn’t at his desk”, it’s probably because he was balancing on the top of some scaffolding, writing your email address on the nearest plank of wood.

Since starting Quirky Campers, David (who advises on all things technical as well as dealing with all the bookings) and Lindsay, (who advises on decor and plays around on social media) have expanded the team to include a talented bunch of people helping out on marketing, admin and clever booking systems, not to mention their growing community of wonderful campervan owners. They’ve also expanded the team in other ways, welcoming to the family three year old Isaac (who helps with holiday suggestions and what games to play on the road) and seven month old twins Skylar and Autumn (who contribute smiles and general sound effects).

David and Lindsay believe passionately in supporting UK craftsmanship and a balanced family life, two things Quirky Campers has helped them achieve for themselves, their team and their owners over the six years that they’ve been running the business.

They also believe, very passionately, in happy camping. So get to it.


Holidays at home

Let us just say this: holidays don’t need to be foreign. They also don’t need to be stressful, logistical nightmares involving 100ml toiletry planning and two-day jetlag. Our quirky campers are here to help you discover the joy, delight and (if you want it) wild adventure of a holiday closer to home, supporting our local communities and protecting our fragile environment. Our vans may not be no-carbon, but compared to a long haul flight they’re practically saintly.

Doing the right thing

For us, good business means looking after our people, our communities and our planet. All of our van fit-outs make heavy use of natural and reclaimed materials, come stocked with eco cleaning products and some even have solar panels and run on biodiesel. You can choose to offset your Quirky Campers holiday, and we’ll pass on your donation to Practical Action Climate Change Adaption Projects. We also give 10% of our profits to charity.

Adventures for everyone 

We passionately believe that adventure shouldn’t just be for the few; for the young, footloose or optimally mobile. We believe the towns and villages, woodlands and groves, mountains and beaches of our beautiful country should be accessible to everyone. Not only that, but that we should all have the opportunity and freedom to disconnect, to go where the fancy takes us – whether you have a young family, are disabled or perhaps more senior than you’d like to admit. This is what we do.


Our campervan owners are the heart and soul of our business. It’s thanks to their dedication and creativity that the likes of Agnes, Hector and Quirk Douglas even exist let alone form part of our delightfully quirky collection.

Our growing community of owners are spread across the UK and are as diverse as the vans they rent: we’ve got a circus performer, an actor, an engineer, a postwoman, a stay at home mum and many, many more. What they all share is a love of getting away in their lovingly handcrafted campers and a desire to share their pride and joy with the world when it’s not in use. We work with each of our owners to make the process as simple as possible, and make sure the arrangement absolutely works for them and their families.

We’re proud that Quirky Campers helps our owners earn an income from their beautiful vehicles, at the same time as opening up a world of handcrafted glamping delight to our happy campers who rent them – not to mention facilitating 100’s of interactions between some of the loveliest people we’ve ever met.

What can we say, it’s the sharing economy meets amazing road trip. Wait, is that a film?